Berkeley Lab

Sebnem Inceoglu Yilmaz

Sebnem is Foundry industry user and works as Senior Scientist at Nano Hydrophobics. She first became the Molecular Foundry user as a postdoc under the guidance of Prof. Balsara. Her postdoc research involved designing polymeric materials for artificial solar fuel generation with JCAP,bio-fuel production with EBI, advanced thermal insulators with Dow Chemicals and polymer electrolytes for lithium ion batteries with JCSER. Working full time now as on-site user at Organic and Macromolecular Synthesis Facility and collaborating with the Inorganic Nanostructure, the Imaging and the Manipulation, Nanofabrication and NCEM facilities gives her an opportunity to provide definitive proof of concept of company’s products with design and characterization of thin film anti-fouling coatings for use on heat transfer surfaces to improve energy efficiency.