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The UEC meets at least once a month to advance our activities on behalf of the user community. Please check here for copies of our meeting minutes.

2023 Meeting Minutes

September 2023

August 2023

July 2023- Cancelled

June 2023

May 2023

April 2023

March 2023

February 2023

January 2023

2022 Meeting Minutes

December 2022 – Thank you to UEC members ending their tenure, UEC elections, speakers for Foundry’s seminar series, final updates from Cheryl

November 2022 – UEC election, Proposal Review Board, Code of Conduct

October 2022 – UEC election, updating alumni UEC contact list, welcome packet for new Users + list of affiliate benefits, suggestion box, DEI library to encourage self-education

September 2022 – Welcome to Jim Ciston, recap of AUM, feedback from AUM townhall and virtual suggestion box, open discussion with Jim

August 2022 – AUM update, AUM townhall, proposal call, inviting Deputy Director to next UEC meeting, National Postdoc Association week

July 2022 – Voting for AUM Staff Award winner, AUM townhall, safety committee highlights, facility specific reminders document, suggestion box

June 2022 – AUM update, voting process for AUM poster session, UEC speaker picks for Tuesday seminar, Slack, staff communication

May 2022 – PRB meeting, AUM, UEC speaker picks for Foundry seminar series, approved Slack plan, upcoming postdoc/grad student highlights on Twitter, Welcome information for new users

April 2022 – AUM, Twitter, Slack, Facility-specific reminders document, Welcome info for new users

March 2022 – AUM, Internal Vice-Chair name change, Slack, Twitter

February 2022 – SAB meeting, AUM, User Satisfaction Survey 2021, Fostering community and sense of belonging, Safety training

January 2022 – Welcome, Nominations for External and Internal Vice-Chairs, AUM volunteers, AUM keynote speakers, COVID, Foundry seminar series

2021 Meeting Minutes

December 2021 – Thank you, UEC elections, January seminar speaker, Age of omicron, Job opening in Nanofabrication facility

November 2021 – UEC election nominations, Fall proposal review board, seminar speakers for 2022

October 2021 – seminar speakers for next year, lab access and vaccination declaration, UEC elections

September 2021 – feedback from AUM survey results, Fall/Winter seminar speakers, Fall proposal call

August 2021 – finalizing AUM details, user buddies, Fall proposal call, UEC-nominated seminar speakers for Fall/Winter

July 2021 – UEC-nominated seminar speakers, new COVID-19 lab access protocols, AUM update (career panels and student award nomination judging)

June 2021 – AUM poster session and award nominations, access to the Foundry, user code of conduct

May 2021 – AUM career panel planning, Molecular Foundry user code of conduct

April 2021 – AUM update, brainstorming for new strategic plan

March 2021 – finalizing AUM keynote speakers and symposia, COVID updates, proposal writing workshop, strategic plan

February 2021 – upcoming SAB meeting, AUM planning, COVID updates, new podcast

January 2021 – welcoming new members, nominations, AUM planning, COVID updates

2020 Meeting Minutes

December 2020 – Seminar speakers, UEC election, COVID-19 update

November 2020 – Access to Foundry during COVID-19, UEC election, Kristin Persson

October 2020 – Elections plan, AUM keynote speaker suggestions, AUM dates

September 2020 – UEC elections, UEC website, call for proposals

August 2020 – Staff award winner, AUM logistics

July 2020 – AUM update, reopening plans

June 2020 – Starting up research, AUM poster competition planning

May 2020 – AUM updates, starting up research

April 2020 – Proposal system, moving AUM to virtual, website ideas

March 2020 – COVID-19, AUM updates, spring seminar, User Program director update, new user onboarding, code of conduct

February 2020 – New user onboarding, AUM speaker invitations, proposal review considerations

January 2020 – Secretary and Vice-Chair elections, Foundry seminar POC, code of conduct, equipment downtime, AUM organizing committee