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Nominate a Member

The Molecular Foundry User Executive Committee (UEC) solicits nominations for interested members to serve the broader user community on issues of critical importance to the Foundry, each fall. Serving on the UEC is a responsibility that comes with the benefit of being an influential voice at the Foundry! Elected candidates will serve three-year terms, beginning in January. Responsibilities, at minimum, include participating in monthly meetings (in person or teleconference) and being actively engaged with the Foundry user community. We also seek candidates who are eager to take on leadership opportunities and become more involved in the committee to benefit the user community.

Please nominate yourself or encourage your colleagues to do so by submitting your name, a short statement (~2 sentences), affiliation, job title, and the primary Facility you identify yourself with using the form that is available in nomination season.

More information can be found in our Charter & By-Laws.