Berkeley Lab

UEC Focus Groups

Check here for updates on the UEC’s new activities and objectives for 2017-2018.

The Annual User Meeting (AUM) Planning Committee is responsible for planning the AUM. Their duties involve working with TMF staff to find a venue, choosing and inviting speakers, and planning workshops. It is expected that every member of AUM committee organize a workshop. The AUM committee is also responsible for soliciting and choosing TMF staff member for the UEC Staff Award.
Past Members: Mary Scott, Alexandra Courtis, John Sack, Corrine Allen, Valerie Leppert, Francesca Toma

The User Focused Outreach (UFO) Committee is responsible for promoting TMF as a resource to potential academic and industrial users as well as promoting User driven research inside TMF. The UFO committee is also responsible for maintaining the UEC online presence either separately through the UEC website or on the TMF website.
Past Members: Alex Noy, Peng Yang

The Foundry Internal Development Opportunity (FIDO) Committee: is responsible for working with TMF Staff and Management to ensure that TMF staff is addressing user needs and requests. FIDO committee should work closely with TMF staff to improve communication and provide input regarding research directions and equipment acquisitions.
Past Members: Daniel Riley, Walter Drisdell, Mary Scott, Kristen Aramathanapon, John Bradley, Francesca Toma