Berkeley Lab

Past UEC Members

If you have previously served on the Foundry UEC and would like your information updated and/or listed below please email us at

Prof. Alex Noy

Dr. Corinne Allen

Prof. Jon Sack

Dr. Kristen Aramthanapon

Dr. Sebnem Inceoglu Yilmaz

Dr. Mary Scott
UC Berkeley, Chair 206

Dr. Alpesh Shukla
Berkeley Lab, Past Chair 2015

Prof. Peng Yang
Xidian University, 2015-2016

Dr. Daniel Riley
Berkeley Lab, 2015-2016

Dr. Brian Hardin
Plant PV, Past Chair 2014

Dr. Tiziana Bond
Lawrence Livermore Lab

Dr. Jessy Rivest
Berkeley Lab

Dr. Steve Harris
Lawrence Livermore Lab

Dr. Alexandr Polyakov
Berkeley Lab

Saahil Mehra

Chris Nelson
Berkeley Lab

Prof. Raffaella Buonsanti
Berkeley Lab, JCAP

Prof. Dong Yu
UC Davis 2011 – 2013

Prof. Ernesto Marinero
Hitachi San Jose Research Lab 2011 – 2013

Dr. Thomas Horn
Creatone Inc. 2011 – 2013

Dr. Christophe Peroz
aBeam Technologies 2010 – 2013

Dr. Seth Taylor
Chevron USA 2010 – 2012

Prof. Chris Murray
University of Pennsylvania 2010 – 2012

Prof. Feng Wang
UC Berkeley 2009 – 2011

Dr. Thomas Schenkel

Prof. Oscar Dubon
UC Berkeley

Prof. Luca Dal Negro
Boston University

Prof. Annelise Barron
Stanford University

C. Michael Garner
Intel Corp (ret.)

Prof. Junqiao Wu
UC Berkeley

Prof. Ting Xu
UC Berkeley

Prof. Jie Song
Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School