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Welcome to the User Executive Committee (UEC)

The UEC was established to represent and serve all members of The Molecular Foundry’s User community, including current and prospective users. Our charter is to provide a channel of communication between TMF users and leadership; to represent Foundry users when the Department of Energy solicits feedback from members of its National User Facilities. We pursue these goals by:

  • Organizing an Annual User Meeting, usually in mid August, attended by the user community, Foundry staff, and DOE officials, where technical talks highlight user projects, new facilities and capabilities are discussed, and a town hall meeting is held.
  • Holding discussions specifically targeted to improving access to The Molecular Foundry by a diversity of users.
  • Participating in Society for Science at User Research Facilities (SSURF) events to compare notes with other facilities and learn about new ways to help user programs succeed.
  • Maintaining a website where you can easily find committee contact info and learn about our activities.