Berkeley Lab

Corinne Allen

As a six month multi-facility user, I have become well acquainted with the people and dynamics on three of six floors at the Molecular Foundry. This has allowed me to observe the ongoings and talk to a variety of people about their experiences at the Foundry. Additionally, as a part of the new Cyclotron Road program, I understand the progression of a user: getting situated, becoming a full time user, then having our team double in size. I am also interested to see how the evolution of our company affects our interactions at the foundry.

My doctoral thesis studied the manipulation of metal-organic frameworks for their use in gas capture applications in the lab of Seth M. Cohen at U.C. San Diego. This lead to quite the fascination with photochemical modifications. I have a broad background in organic and supramolecular chemistry stemming from my undergraduate research with Darren W. Johnson at the University of Oregon.