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Archives for January 2017

Ji Su

Dr. Ji Su is a staff scientist at Berkeley Lab. Su Group is dedicated to the development of “Applied Catalysis Hub: Energy and Environmental (ACHEE)” for hydrogen production and storage, CO2, natural gas, biomass and plastic conversion using novel concepts and methodologies. ACHEE includes three key sections: 1) “Catalytic Material Synthesis Engine” (CMSE) to facilitate […]

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Gozde Barim

Gözde Barim is a postdoctoral fellow at Berkeley Lab. Her work focuses on the development of functional materials for energy applications. In 2018, Gözde obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Southern California. Prior to doctoral studies, she received her M.S. and B.S. degrees in Chemistry from Bilkent University. In 2017, she has […]

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Benjamin H. Savitzky

Benjamin H. Savitzky is principle investigator at h-Bar Instruments, designing and fabricating in-situ liquid helium TEM holders for long duration, high stability measurements near absolute zero.  He previously completed a post-doc at the Foundry’s NCEM where he created py4DSTEM, an open source Python package for analysis of four-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy datasets.  During his […]

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