Berkeley Lab

Ji Su

Dr. Ji Su is a staff scientist at Berkeley Lab. Su Group is dedicated to the development of “Applied Catalysis Hub: Energy and Environmental (ACHEE)” for hydrogen production and storage, CO2, natural gas, biomass and plastic conversion using novel concepts and methodologies. ACHEE includes three key sections: 1) "Catalytic Material Synthesis Engine" (CMSE) to facilitate the design and development of atomically synergistic catalyst; 2) Application-oriented catalysis research in the domains of energy and environment; 3) Advancement of "Site Chemistry" to enhance surface chemistry understanding for catalytic mechanisms, with the long-term career goal to accelerate the development of catalysis science. Dr. Su is the winner of the 2023 R&D 100 Awards. At Berkeley Lab, Su Group is leading a research direction of clean hydrogen production from greenhouse gas methane. In addition, Dr. Su serves as a lead scientist for “Catalytic Materials Hub” development, hydrogen storage system development, and catalytic mechanism understanding within the Hydrogen Materials Advanced Research Consortium (HyMARC).