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Propose a symposium for the 2021 AUM (closed)

The UEC is seeking symposium proposals for the User Meeting in 2021.

Symposia will be 2.5 hours long, taking place in virtual format on August 20, 2021. Symposia are organized by Foundry users and staff, with approximately four to seven speakers. Symposium speakers receive free registration.

Submit your ideas here by February 7, 2021

For reference, here are symposium titles from past years:



  • Metal Halide Perovskites: Opportunities, Challenges, Future Directions
    Multimodal (link)
  • In situ Methods at the Materials Interface (link)
  • Materials Discovery and Design to Enable a Circular Materials Economy (link)
  • Materials and Devices for Brain-like Computing (link)
  • New Directions in Phase Contrast Electron Microscopy (link)
  • Quantum Sensing: Theory, Sensors, and Applications in the Chemical and Earth Sciences (link)
  • Cutting-Edge Research at the Bio/Nano Interface (link)
  • Next-Generation Quantum Materials for Coherent Transport and Emission Phenomena (link)


  • Quantum Information Science at the Nanoscale (link)
  • Rational Design of Photo-Electrochemical Energy Materials (link)
  • Multimodal In Situ Characterization of Hard/Soft Materials Across Interfaces and Multiple Scales (link)
  • Semisoft Matter: Preparations and Possibilities in Hybrid Nanomaterials (link)
  • Ultrafast and Ultrasmall: From Spatio-Temporal Dynamics to Emergent Phenomena (link)
  • Perovskite-Based Optoelectronic Materials (link)
  • Industry Research at the Foundry (link)


  • Far from Equilibrium: On the Synthesis and Design of Low-Dimensional Materials (link)
  • Biohybrid Materials for Energy Transduction (link)
  • Capturing Dynamic Behavior by Low Dose-Rate Electron Microscopy (link)
  • Big Data in Microscopy or Extracting Useful Information from Large Microscopy Datasets (link)
  • Architectures for Control and Manipulation of Quantum Matter (link)
  • Soft Material Synthesis, Imaging, and Analytical Techniques (link)
  • Responsive and Reconfigurable Materials (link)
  • Ultrafast Characterization and In-Situ Microscopy (link)


  • Biological and Soft Material Assemblies (link)
  • Making, Measuring and Manipulating Two-Dimensional Matter (link)
  • Structural and Functional Diversity in Porous Soft Materials (link)
  • Tackling Challenges of Imaging Materials Functionality (link)
  • Energy Storage Materials: Synthesis, Characterization and Modeling (link)
  • Playing with Photons at the Nanoscale (link)
  • Product-Driven Research at the Molecular Foundry (link)