Berkeley Lab

Shannon Ciston , User Program Director

Shannon Ciston is the Director of the User Program at the Molecular Foundry. Shannon comes to us from UC Berkeley where she has served as the Director of Undergraduate Education in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department since 2014, and as a lecturer dating back to 2011. She holds a PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Northwestern University and while an Assistant Professor at the University of New Haven, was an early user of CFN, the Foundry's sister nanocenter at Brookhaven National Laboratory. As User Program Director, Dr. Ciston is responsible for overseeing the Molecular Foundry's scientific proposal process, including administration associated with User proposal submissions, peer reviews, and scheduling approved projects; working with scientific staff to reach out to and grow new diverse, engaged and productive User communities; liaising with User Executive Committee leadership; and supervising the User Program Office staff.