Berkeley Lab

Francesca Toma

Francesca M. Toma is a staff scientist at LBNL, in the Chemical Sciences Division, working at JCAP. She is developing a research program based on catalytic and light absorbing materials synthesis and integration, and in-depth, microscopy characterization. Her work is focused at NCEM and in the Imaging and Manipulation facilities to characterize materials interface, and local inhomogeneity in nano and mesoscale materials. She also works at the Organic and Macromolecular Synthesis and Biological Nanostructures facilities and collaborates with the Nanofabrication and the Inorganic Nanostructures facilities, thereby utilizing in a highly effective way the Molecular Foundry for materials synthesis and characterization.

Affiliated facilities: The National Center for Electron Microscopy, Imaging and Manipulation, Organic and Macromolecular Synthesis, and Biological Nanostructures