Berkeley Lab

Thanks for attending!

The 2019 Annual User Meeting came to a successful conclusion today, August 22, with over 300 attendees. Our congratulations go to the User Executive Committee, and in particular Francesca Toma, Greg Su, and Keiko Munechika for putting together an excellent meeting! Many thanks also to the Foundry’s User Office staff: Alison Hatt, Stephanie Didas, Dmitry Soustin, and Tina McCoy, as well as the Foundry’s Operations staff: Laurie Chong, Suksham Barun, Temme von Lackum Dedlow, Donald Lee, and Perry Lao for all of their efforts.

We would also like to thank all the Symposium Organizers for their part in the success of this meeting, and we also thank our Sponsors and Exhibitors. Last, but not least, we thank the UEC for their contributions to the AUM blog.

Thank you for following the Annual User Meeting through this blog! We hope you have enjoyed reading it and we will see you next year!