Berkeley Lab

Suggestions from Town Hall Meeting

Following the morning plenary talks today, users interacted with the User Executive Committee in a town hall meeting. Below are a few of the suggestions that came up during the discussion.


-Users are interested in a website that will list all the available instruments, tools, and capabilities at the Foundry. If possible, this website could even include a streamlined, guided process that guides users to a particular tool based on their material of interest and what they wish to measure.

-To combat the problem of long wait times for getting trained, more instruments should have superusers that are able to train new users when staff scientists are not available.

-Although most high-demand tools do have waitlist policies, these policies are not always clear to the users and make it difficult to jump onto equipment after a cancellation. Thus, it would be beneficial for there to be uniform policies across different floors and labs.

-Some users are interested in a new electron energy-loss spectrometer, as our current ones are over two generations old!