Berkeley Lab

Organic and Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Semiconductors: Advances and Applications

By Yi-Hsien Lu

Hybrid and organic solar cells are rapidly emerging photovoltaic technologies with encouraging cell efficiency and flexible manufacturing processes. However, instabilities against the exposure of humidity, oxidation, temperature variation, and light illumination are the main challenges for commercialization. In this symposium, seven speakers all presented incredible research activities to tackle these challenges.
A number of talks focused on the development of advanced characterization techniques (synchrotron-based, electron microscopy, photoluminescence, scanning probe…) for investigating the structure details and their response of internal and external stressors. Others proposed intelligent designs (multi-functional layers, 2D lateral epitaxial heterostructures …) for better cell performance. This virtual symposium was well-coordinated nicely and the audience had chances to interact with the speakers after each presentation, via Zoom Chat, and during the networking time.