Berkeley Lab

New Staff and Capabilities at the Foundry

In the afternoon session, we were introduced to new members of the Foundry staff, along with a quick primer about each of their research programs that they’ll be starting.

First, we had Jian Zhang, from the Organic Facility. His interests include MOFs & COFs, understanding the mechanisms that enable the construction of frameworks, determining methods for their synthesis, and using them to solve problems in energy and catalysis.

Liang Tan is joining the Theory Facility, with a focus on computational optical spectroscopy – predicting optical spectra and understanding mechanisms behind spectral features – and developing new theory/code for new phenomena and predicting new materials.

Sinead Griffin is also joining the Theory Facility with a research program focused on the theory and design of functional quantum materials.

Members from NCEM also gave an overview of the new in situ TEM and FIB now available at the Foundry.