Berkeley Lab


The UEC recognized Colin Ophus with the Outstanding Staff Service award for his exceptional support for users as well as his professionalism and collaborative spirit. Users described his support as simply phenomenal, that his contributions elevated their work, and that he is an excellent mentor always ready to help.

Poster competition – Four winners were named from the annual poster competition. The winners are:

  • Justin Andrews, Texas A&M University – The implications of polarons in tunnel-structured vanadium oxides
  • Virgil Andrei, University of Cambridge – Scalable Perovskite-BiVO4 Photoelectrochemical Devices for Solar Fuel Production
  • Won Jun Jo, Berkeley Lab – Photocatalytic Core-Shell Nanotube Array Converting CO2 and H2O to Fuels
  • Isabel Craig, Berkeley Lab – Towards predictive models of transition metal intercalation: A study of non-dilute Fe diffusion in TaS2

Graduate student paper award – David Nenon’s recent paper was selected for this award. He presented his work in a featured talk: The pursuit of photoluminescence Perfection in CsPbX3 Nanocrystals. High quanum yield is important for optical applications but also, high quality materials are an excellent foundation for all fundamental and applied studies.