Berkeley Lab

A poster slam limerick and our evening reception

The final act of the plenary session was the poster slam, emcee(squared) by Foundry staff scientist Sinéad Griffin, who, when challenged to start off with a rap, instead followed the literary tradition of her home country and delivered a clever limerick to get things going.

All of the 19 Slam participants were students who were also participating in the student poster competition. In a lightning round of talks (under threat of getting a loud bell rung if folks went overtime), the students did their best to deliver the quick summary of their work, with more details to follow at the poster session. From microcracks to perovskites, the students all did an impressive job!

Finally, all the User Meeting participants moved to the evening activities with the poster session and reception. The winners of the student and postdoc poster competitions will be announced tomorrow at lunchtime. All in all it was quite a day of stimulating science, and there’s more to come with the breakout symposia tomorrow! See you in the morning!