Berkeley Lab

A Foundry Update from the Interim Director

The day started off with a welcome from UEC Chair Francesca Toma and Energy Sciences Area Director (and Foundry “Director Emeritus”) Jeff Neaton and an introduction to the Foundry’s Interim Director, David Prendergast.

David has been the Facility Director of the Foundry’s Theory Facility for the past 6 years, and is looking forward to leading the facility as a whole. In his talk, he gave an overview of the Foundry for those new to us, and then talked about how we’ve been doing over the past few years – we’ve seen a great deal of growth – now serving nearly 1000 users where 6 years ago it was still in the mid 500s!

David also touched on future-looking activities – from new hires of scientific and technical staff, to recent funding in tools to further QIS research, to other new initiatives that the Foundry will be pursuing in the near future.

The future of the Foundry is looking bright, and we know that the featured science today and tomorrow will show that clearly! Looking forward to the rest of the meeting!