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Archives for December 2022

Sridhar Majety

Sridhar Majety is a PhD candidate in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of California Davis. He is working with Prof. Marina Radulaski on simulation and nano-fabrication of color center integrated photonic devices in silicon carbide, for quantum information processing applications. His current project at Molecular Foundry is focused on nanofabrication of novel […]

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Beihang Yu

Beihang Yu is a postdoctoral scholar at Berkeley Lab, working with Dr. Ricardo Ruiz and Dr. Ron Zuckermann. She did her PhD in Chemical Engineering under the guidance of Prof. Rachel Segalman at UC Santa Barbara, with her dissertation on polymer chain conformation in block copolymer self-assembly. Her current research projects include developing sequence-defined polymer […]

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Thomas Schenkel

Dr. Thomas Schenkel is trained as a physicist and works in the ATAP Division (Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics) on themes of qubits, beams and fusion ( 

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Waqas Khalid

Waqas Khalid is a Principal Investigator (PI) scientist at The California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences at UC Berkeley (QB3-Berkeley) and taught Physics at the physics department at UC Berkeley. Waqas is also an affiliate scientist at NASA Ames, Lawrence Berkeley Labs and the CEO of a startup Jadoo Technologies Inc.

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