Berkeley Lab

Walter Drisdell , Secretary 1

Walter Drisdell is a Staff Scientist in the Chemical Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, working with the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP). He works on synchrotron-based characterization of materials for clean energy applications, with a focus on developing in situ and operando techniques. He has been a user of the Theory of Nanostructured Materials Facility at the Molecular Foundry for six years, performing first principles calculations of X-ray spectra in order to interpret experimental data in terms of specific geometries, electronic symmetries and chemical mechanisms. Walter first became a Foundry user as a postdoctoral researcher, examining the mechanism of CO2 adsorption in metal-organic framework materials as part of the Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) for Gas Separations Relevant to Clean Energy Technologies. He is continuing research at the Foundry as part of JCAP, working closely with Foundry staff to expand the computational capability for X-ray spectra. Specific targets include heavier elements and highly correlated systems such as transition metal oxides and oxynitrides, which are of interest to JCAP as CO2 reduction catalysts and components of an integrated solar fuels device. Walter is excited for the opportunity to represent users of the Theory Facility as a member of the UEC.